Dream Big. 
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Keep it simple

We are always striving towards a natural balance between creativity and technology.
Our goal? To create a digital experience that is complementary to human behaviour.

The process

The process is simple because it doesn’t exist: we tailor it for you.

The digital world is ever-changing, and we match its pace: we outline objectives and optimal workflow, harnessing the best technology for a project. Through a shared process we create a tailored communication strategy that works for you.

01. Analysis

02. Strategy

03. Development


If you are looking for something different, you are in the right place.

01. Websites and e-Commerce

A brand’s website is their window unto the world. Our aim is for it to reflect who you are and what you wish to convey,connecting with your audience and leave your mark.

We live in a world in which doing without an online presence is no longer an option: people nowadays first come in contact with a brand online. Through a user-centered approach in which we combine a careful analysis to a multi-faceted communication strategy, we harness the best technology to create efficient, impactful platforms.

02. Social Media Marketing

Making sure that your brand communication rises above the background noise is within reach: we create custom social media strategies to convey your identity and set you apart from competitors.

Being in contact with your audience is more important than ever, and these days reaching thousands of people is a click away: automation, engagement and conversion are keywords that describe our multi-channel strategies, carefully curated to reach your communication goals.

03. Brand Image Development

A brand’s image is easily its most valuable asset when it comes to public perception. Together we’ll customize a visual and content strategy that fits you.

Brand image is so much more than a logo. It represents your work ethic, your approach to everyday challenges and opportunities. It’s the component that leaves an impression in the minds and hearts of the people who come into contact with you. We like to dream big and love people who share this trait, brands who put themselves out there and are always searching for a web image that represents them for who they really are. We won’t be happy until your online presence reflects all the complexities that make you...well, you.


Our team. Our family.

At the office and in our free time, our favorite thing is to keep up with technological innovation and market trends. We’re coders, designers and purpose-driven researchers, but most of all, we love all things digital.

Ivan Bosnjak

Partner & Digital Strategist

Andrea Ruggeri

Partner & Digital Designer

Alessio Bortolotti

Partner & Head of Development

Gilda Piccinelli

Account Manager

Stefano Manzoni

Customer Success Manager

Cosima Neumann

Social Media Manager

Andrea Contesini

Web Designer

Matteo Ferro

Digital Marketing Specialist

Raffaele Terreni

Executive Assistant

Sara Gambarini

Social Media Manager

Sara Travini

Social Media Manager

Lorenzo Dellaglio

Business Developer


Brands who "dream big" by our side.